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20 lat praktycznych i teoretycznych doświadczeń w branży rozlewniczej pozwoliło nam na stawienie czoła najwyższym wymaganiom w zakresie najnowszych technik etykietowania. Praktyczna wiedza zdobyta w poszczególnych okresach rozwoju rozlewnictwa w kraju i zagranicą pozwoliła osiągnąć poziom techniczny spełniający oczekiwania klientów dysponujących najnowszym parkiem maszynowym w segmencie etykietowania opakowań. Posiadamy jeden z najnowocześniejszych i nieustająco rozbudowany park maszynowy. Zatrudniamy najwyższej klasy konstruktorów, projektantów oraz doświadczonych pracowników. Jesteśmy wstanie zrealizować zarówno niewielkie, proste jak i najbardziej skomplikowane i wymagające projekty.


Our technical history includes a number of innovations and implementations in various industry segments, including:

  • In the wine industry, we implemented excise labeling in accordance with our own designs, which allowed for effective product control.
  • For the spirits industry, we have introduced unusual and technically advanced instrumentation solutions for labels and bottles with non-standard shapes.
  • In the brewing sector, we have achieved success by implementing accessories for new labels and bottles, in line with market requirements and current trends.
  • For the mineral water and beverage industry, we have implemented a national model of a carousel labeling machine using HOT MELT technology, as well as comprehensive equipment for new labels and bottles for all machines in the bottling lines.
  • In the “wet” section of the household chemicals industry, we have successfully introduced equipment for full bottling lines, both volume, weight and pressure, as well as for filling packaging with very unusual shapes.
  • The fruit and vegetable processing industry has benefited from our experience by implementing equipment for labeling machines for very unusual conical shapes and innovative use of cold glue and self-adhesive labels.

Our experience and skills have enabled us to contribute to the development and innovation in each of these sectors, providing solutions tailored to the needs and challenges of the industry.


Our company, actively operating in the field of production of equipment for roll labeling machines, constantly maintains its commitment in this field. We specialize in the production of various vacuum drums, cutting drums and other key elements necessary for labeling machines. We are characterized by an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest quality of our products, implementing innovative technical solutions and punctuality in order fulfillment, all while offering competitive prices. Providing comprehensive service and full satisfaction to our clients is our main priority, which encourages us to constantly improve the level of professionalism at every stage of our activity. Our extensive experience and full commitment allow us to meet even the most demanding customer expectations. Our team of highly qualified specialists constantly develops their skills to deliver top-class products. We engage in close cooperation with our clients at every step of the production process, guaranteeing solutions perfectly tailored to their individual needs and expectations. Our pursuit of continuous development and innovation strengthens our position as a leader in the industry and prepares us to respond to dynamically changing market conditions.